reConvert was born as a natural extension of the percussion repertoire of the last seventy years, to become a seal of identity that rejects generic definitions and bets on a continuous work between different artists in which the questioning of the dogmas of the academy is in the foreground.


With difficulties in defining the facet of the percussionist of our time, reConvert raises an aesthetic question without complexes, and that does not feed on the natural limits and definitions of terms. Halfway between percussion and electronics, its projects could well be named with different adjectives, without any of them being able to define them completely and fully.


reConvert carries out activities in Europe, America and Asia, constantly evolving and questioning the uses and bets of resources, techniques and means that it carries out continuously. The instruments, objects, interfaces… are in themselves tools to reach the artistic aims at the service of creation.


reConvert was founded in 2013 by Roberto Maqueda & Víctor Barceló. Nowadays reConvert are Lorenzo Colombo and Roberto Maqueda.



Lorenzo Colombo


Lorenzo Colombo is a percussionist and performer dedicated to researching and promoting new music. He is collaborating with contemporary music groups such as: Divertimento Ensemble, MDI Ensemble, Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen, Sentieri Selvaggi.


He has been identified as a promising young performer by the Ulysses. As well he has performed in several festivals, (including the “Manifeste 2016” IRCAM Paris, Warsaw Autumn Festival 2014, Darmstadt Summer Courses 2014, “Biennale Musica 2016” Venice, Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2017, “Klang Festi- val 2016”, “Rondó Divertimento Ensemble”, MI.TO, Milano Musica,) playing both soloist and chamber music.


Lorenzo works with several chamber music groups trying to explore different languages, including electronics, video and/or installations.



Roberto Maqueda


Heterodox percussionist (and/or artist) interested in avant-garde art, new forms of communication as well as their implementation in the sound-musical creation of our time. He studied with Christian Dierstein, Fred Frith or Håkon Stene. He lives in between Basel (CH) and Copenhagen (DK).


Besides reConvert, his mains projects are y-band, an aesthetic and conceptual review of the current panorama of musical creation. He is also the artistic co-director of the nomadic music platform CONTAINER. In addition he carries out an ongoing work with composers such as Simon Steen-Andersen, Michael Maierhof or Andreas Frank.


He has been part part of the program “Young Artists Promises” of the ULYSSES Platform. In the current season he will be presented at Manifeste Festival, Wien Modern or MaerzMusik. He has been an external professor at the Conservatori Liceu of Barcelona.

Milena Pafundi

Buenos aires, 1983


Milena is a transdisciplinary artist. As a visual artist Milena develops contents and techniques for audiovisual shows, performances, theatres and dance plays; as well she produces installations. She founded Articiclo Collective. She teaches visual arts with gender perspective.


As an audiovisual director, she is creative in digital contents both artistic and journalistic focused on Human Rights and Gender Violence. She studied Film direction and took several courses and seminars of video-art, live visual softwares and programming. In 2017 she held a Feminst Art Residency in Toronto (Canada), as well ar the Museum of Contemporary Art and Cultural Center Matienzo (Argentina).


Her work “Un Tiempo” won the Alucine Film Festival in 2007, Toronto. She participated in differents expositions and collaborations in Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Canadá, Israel and Chile .As a VJ performer she have participated in different festivals, museums, and cultural spaces as: Punto y Raya Festival, Museum of Modern Art Buenos Aires, Museum of Contemporary Art Buenos Aires, Mutek Festival, Panoramica Festival.


Actually she is the director of the News of Gender Agency “Presentes” in México. She is working on her next video interactive installation.

Efe Ce Ele aka Feli Cabrera López

Musician, producer, transmedia artist and gender activist. Founder of Fragment A Label/Collective.


Her works came from experimentation and emotionality, within a cinematographic style without defined genres that oscillates between styles like IDM, Techno, Electro and Ambient.


She has performed in various cities/events from Latin America and Europe such as: ICLC (Limerick, Irland), Mutek Hybrid
(Canada), Medialab Prado (Madrid, Spain), Auditum (Medellin, Colombia), AFQP (Athens, Greece), Escuchar MAMBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina), among others.


And released music with different labels such as: Insane Industry (Trieste), CONCRETE (Brazil), Specimen Records / Sound-Space (London), Eter (Medellín), Dissident Movement (Naples), Ghara (Switzerland / Spain), Píldoras Tapes (Bogotá), Cartel Recordings (Berlin), among others.