Efe Ce Ele


Musician, producer, transmedia artist and gender activist. Founder of Fragment A Label/Collective.


Her works came from experimentation and emotionality, within a cinematographic style without defined genres that oscillates between styles like IDM, Techno, Electro and Ambient.


She has performed in various cities/events from Latin America and Europe such as: ICLC (Limerick, Irland), Mutek Hybrid (Canada), Medialab Prado (Madrid, Spain), Auditum (Medellin, Colombia), AFQP (Athens, Greece), Escuchar MAMBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina), among others.


And released music with different labels such as: Insane Industry (Trieste), CONCRETE (Brazil), Specimen Records / Sound-Space (London), Eter (Medellín), Dissident Movement (Naples), Ghara (Switzerland / Spain), Píldoras Tapes (Bogotá), Cartel Recordings (Berlin), among others.