Milena Pafundi



Buenos aires, 1983


Milena is a transdisciplinary artist. As a visual artist Milena develops contents and techniques for audiovisual shows, performances, theatres and dance plays; as well she produces installations. She founded Articiclo Collective. She teaches visual arts with gender perspective. As an audiovisual director, she is creative in digital contents both artistic and journalistic focused on Human Rights and Gender Violence. She studied Film direction and took several courses and seminars of video-art, live visual softwares and programming. In 2017 she held a Feminst Art Residency in Toronto (Canada), as well ar the Museum of Contemporary Art and Cultural Center Matienzo (Argentina).


Her work “Un Tiempo” won the Alucine Film Festival in 2007, Toronto. She participated in differents expositions and collaborations in Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Canadá, Israel and Chile .As a VJ performer she have participated in different festivals, museums, and cultural spaces as: Punto y Raya Festival, Museum of Modern Art Buenos Aires, Museum of Contemporary Art Buenos Aires, Mutek Festival, Panoramica Festival.


Actually she is the director of the News of Gender Agency “Presentes” in México. She is working on her next video interactive installation.